HOPS MVPs and Spirit Award winners. 

Here is a list of 2016 participating teams:

  • Academe of the oaks - Stu Downs
  • Atlanta International School - John Booth
  • Brookwood HS Inferno - Matthew and Erin Thompson
  • BUYA Birmingham Ultimate Youth Assoc - Lee Lavette
  • Decatur High School: Dog Pound - Eric Swett
  • Druid Hills High School - The Disc Devils - Hannah Leathers, David Turrentine
  • Forsyth Central High School - Madison Head
  • Friends School of Atlanta Ultimate - Kenneth Rochester
  • Georgia Gwinnett College/ BÄR
  • Georgia Tech Tribe B - Cate Woodhurst
  • Grady High School Ultimate Gauntlet - Justin Mattingly, Max Leonard, Evelina Pierce, Chad Borer, Haley Reese
  • Groove JV
  • Harvester Christian Academy
  • MELD - Rocco Stembel, Angela Lin, Kate Wilson
  • North Atlanta High School Warriors - Bethany Bell
  • Northview High School Titans - Sunny Chen
  • Parkview High School Panthers
  • Paideia Girls - Miranda Knowles
  • Riverwood Raiders
  • UGA Underdawgs - Devin Cox
  • USA Southpaw
  • Woodward Academy War Eagles - Rich Johnston, Ben Shivers, Rachel Aubert

2016 HOPS MVPs

Josiah Bennett  

Northview High School - "Josiah eats nails for breakfast and the high iron content is what contributes to his height"

Tapan Patel

Georgia Underdogs - "Tapan consistently beat his defender upline, dump and anywhere else through wily, quick cuts. His creative and instinctual throws made him a threat after the catch. He had one of the highest number of assists and goals."

Brian Dickey  

Forsyth Central High School - "Brian dominates the skies and truly helps create space by stretching the opposing defense. Brian is 6'5; as a result, he is always involved in many key plays to put our team ahead. He is one of our most experienced players; therefore, he is always helping to further develop his teammates. His performance is consistent each time he steps on the field."

Brynn Smith

Grady JV Girls - "Brynn came to this new team as the only middle schooler on the team, however, she had solid throws. Throughout the season, she has been building upon her preexisting skill set as she has shown up ready to work hard at every practice and game. When she plays defense she does so with determination, and her tenacity yields results. As a coach, I can rely upon her to play any position and to approach challenges eagerly.  "

Milly Negron

Brookwood Inferno Girls - "Milly is one of the most committed ultimate frisbee players I have ever encountered. In only her 2nd year playing for Brookwood, she has gone above and beyond to improve her abilities as a player and a teammate. She is a leader on and off the field as well as someone many players look up to. During games she never gives up or takes it easy. She goes 110% the entire time she is on the field. It is an honor to be her coach.  

Fisher Calame

North Atlanta High School - "He is extremely talented and an unflagging team member. "

Zane Tshirhart

Friends School of Atlanta - "Zane was one of our primary handlers during our Fall Season. He was a tremendous influence on our team as an 8th grader and rarely came off the field. Zane also continued to improve upon his game by joining the AFDC Spring Middle School league at the conclusion of our Fall Season. Zane continues to play as member of our Spring Ultimate Club and continues to be an influence on our younger middle school students."

Drew DiFrancesco

Grady Gauntlet - "As a captain in his junior year at Grady, Drew is the all-around great player who anchors the offense as well as the defense. He can play any position on the field. He has the great throws and vision of a high level handler and the speed, quickness and 'HOPS' of a great cutter. He can play shut down defense on a variety of player styles and gets more layout blocks than seems possible. Drew is the player of a coach's dreams. He has all of the above characteristics as well as good spirit, a hard work ethic and a high level of coachability. "

Satoshi Abe

Atlanta International School - "Satoshi has been a leader on the team for the past 3 years, but has really stepped up this year to not only improve skills and endurance, but knowledge of the game as well."

Georgia Smith

Grady Gauntlet Girls Varsity - "Georgia brings intensity to every game. She leads our team in Assists for the second year in a row. Her leadership is present on and off the field."

Kaleb Frames

Forge - "He plays all out regardless of the situation, he constantly makes plays, stays positive and is a game changer"

Kaleo Simmons

Druid Hills Disc Devils - "I have had the privilege of coaching Kaleo since his middle school years. He is always at practice and on time. He has shown great discipline and great SOTG throughout. He is mister steady and often playing while injured."

Ollie Peterson

Paideia Girls Varsity - "Though short, she plays huge, though quiet she plays loud and though fiery she plays calm."

Isaac Zelcer 

Woodward Academy JV Boys - "Isaac has a great sense of field space and terrific throws. He has led the team in ultimate skills and often helped coach his teammates."

Davis Rink

Woodward Academy Boys Varsity - "Davis is our senior leader, a 4-year varsity starter and ought to be a unanimous 1st team All-State selection. He opens the field with his throws in ways that are almost unfair in the high school division, all the while serving as our best defender. This was a very easy choice."

Isabelle Koscik

Woodward Academy Girls - "Isabelle has emerged as a leader on and off the field. She seamlessly steps into any role the team needs during the game. She is both a relentless defender and cutter who never stops working. After some injuries on the team, she also stepped in and embraced a new role handling against both man and zone defenses. She helps keep the offense running and keeps cutting until she's open. Even more important, she comes to every practice and every game ready to work hard and contribute as much as she can to the team's success." 


Georgia Tech B - "Mark has come up with big plays on both offense and defense throughout the season. He has been a committed player, and he has grown with each practice and tournament. He works hard, and he makes the plays that re-energize our team."

Marie Perivier

MELD - "A leader on and off the field, she is tireless in her cutting on offense and relentless with her smart and athletic defensive play."

2016 HOPS True Hustle Awards


Northview High School - "Joshua has the most spirit and never fails to make light of any situation. Joshua is our team cheerleader. He has had extensive training in cheer and is the first certified Ultimate cheerleader. Joshua continuously supports the team morale by adhering to the spirit of the game in addition to using his pom poms and bubble makers to pump the team up."


Georgia Underdawgs - "Bryan's tremendous effort on the field and leadership off the field made him a valuable member of the team. Always smiling and encouraging his teammates, he helped make the Underdawgs a more positive team to play on."


Forsyth Central high School - "This player constantly contributes maximum effort every time he steps on the field at practice and competitions. While playing, he always exhibits great character through his spirit. Kelton has been recognized many times by opposing team for his outstanding spirit. 


Grady JV Girls - "Anjali plays with a tremendous amount of grit. She is a player who sets an example for others with a quiet determination. In our very first game, she made a layout D and has continued to hit the ground, especially on defense, for the rest of the season. As a coach, I know that Anjali will always be putting her heart into the game, and she will be setting an example as a kind, humble teammate." 


Brookwood Inferno girls - "Emma is a player that motivates her team by her play on the field and her dedication to ultimate off the field.  Emma is always looking to improve her own technique and ability as well as always wanting to help her teammates improve as well.  She always gives it her all and she never tires, quits, or makes excuses."


North Atlanta High School - "Chris is always energetic and encourages the team to enjoy all aspects of Ultimate." 


Friends School of Atlanta Ultimate - "Ian has continued to improve upon his game well after the season concluded.  He has become one of our best throwers through hard work and practice."


Grady Gauntlet Boys varsity - "Reid exemplifies what a coach wishes for when it comes to spirit of the game. Reid always gives 100% on the field, whether it is at a rainy Wednesday practice or finals of a tournament. Reid has found a way to be competitive and driven, while maintaining a high level of integrity and focus. "


Atlanta International School - "Jad has stepped up as a captain and a motivator on the team. He is passionate about Ultimate and is constantly working hard to get better and make the team better."


Grady Girls Varsity - "Ebet is a force of positivity. Always. She has a non-stop work ethic, bringing a willingness to learn and grow to each activity.  She builds her team up with kindness, original cheers, and fun Wildlife Wednesday tshirts."


Forge - He is one of the best players on the team and constantly works with the weaker players - always throws it to the open player, does not try to only look to the best players.  Stays positive always"


Druid Hills Disc Devils - "Abenezer has always played positive Ultimate. He displays great SOTG and has really pursued a better path through Ultimate."


Paideia Girls Varsity - "She is a quiet, strong leader and captain who has always pushed herself to improve. She is a great example for her younger teammates, not only in her infield passionate play, but also in leading our spirit circles after games.


Woodward Academy JV Boys - "Josh always hustles, even when he is tired, and very consistently attended practices. "


Woodward Academy Varsity Boys - "Sehaj is a joy to coach. He works hard every day and truly enjoys playing ultimate. He demonstrates that joy on the field both as our top deep threat and as an incredibly spirited player. In an era when its sometimes a struggle to keep kids from spiking discs, he has no desire. He'd rather compliment the effort of his opponent. When discussions arise, he is cool and calm when interacting with his peers."


Woodward Girls - "Monica has quietly continued to refine her game each year and earned a position leading the team in her senior year.  She embodies spirit of the game with a positive attitude and respect towards her teammates and opponents.  Her quiet but relentless work ethic has been crucial to Woodward's continued development.  On the field, she has transitioned from our primary cutter to a primary handler and the calm leader who always plays with a smile.  Off the field she has been part of a senior core that has built up team depth by recruiting new players and building team spirit by helping create matching team memorabilia.  Her growth as both a player and a leader has been integral to our team's success."


Georgia Tech B - "Nick always demonstrates respect for opposing players, coaches, and the game. He maintains a good attitude, and is always looking to improve not only his ultimate skills, but also his knowledge of the rules."

Stahr Stembel

MELD - "Stahr's play exemplifies not only spirited play, but respect for our opponents. She never revels in the glory, and is quick to congratulate an opponents great play."